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How to Change Your Project's Settings

The My Settings page allows you to control various settings for both yourself and the project.

Accessing the Admin - My Settings Page

To access this page:

  1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
  2. On the navigation bar, hover your cursor over your GAP username and click My Settings on the drop-down menu.


The My Settings page contains the following settings sections:

  • Notification Settings – When group members receive new test results, group administrators are typically notified by email. These settings allow you to select which types of notifications you receive. Many admins find it helpful to select only notifications for test types relevant to their project. For example, a Y-DNA project administrator will likely not have a need to be notified of mitochondrial test results, and vice versa.
  • Display Settings – These settings were originally designed to limit what information is displayed on the project's public website. However, these settings have since been replaced by the settings found in the Public Website tool.
  • Additional Settings – This setting allows you to change the number of result rows displayed in the Y-DNA Results Classic, Y-DNA Results Colorized, Y-DNA Results, mtDNA Results, and mtDNA Results Classic pages.
    • Note: The larger the number of rows on a single page, the longer it will take for that page to load. For that reason, it may be useful to limit the number of rows displayed on a single page. This can always be manually changed by the administrator or group member on the results page.
  • Member Subgrouping Settings – Contains the following settings tools:
    • Default Member Subgrouping Page Size – This drop-down list allows you to change the number of rows automatically displayed on the Member Subgrouping Tool.
    • Default Subgroups To Display – Set the default type of subgroup to display when navigating to the tool. Options are Y-DNA or mtDNA.
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