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DNA Test Kit Replacement Policy

Replacement DNA Test Kit

Replacement DNA Test Kits are kits that are sent out if one of the following happens:

  • The original test kit gets lost or damaged on the way to the customer
  • The original test kit arrives with missing test vial(s).
  • Your test kit is damaged or lost while in your possession.
  • Your returned kit is lost or damaged on the way back to FamilyTreeDNA. 
  • Your returned sample in both vials is found not viable for testing.
  • When another test, upgrade, or add on is ordered and there is no sample left in storage for testing.

Important Information about Replacement DNA Test Kits

It is important to note the following information about replacement kits:

  • Replacement kits are normally shipped in a nondescript envelope instead of the FamilyTreeDNA kit box.
  • Replacement kits will be assigned the same kit number as the original kit and therefore, will not be able to be used for anyone other than the original tester associated with that kit.

When to contact FamilyTreeDNA for a Replacement DNA Test Kit

Please contact us for a replacement kit if:

  • Your kit has not arrived after 10 days (U.S. orders only). Make sure to check your DHL tracking information first to see if the kit is still in transit. If the kit is marked delivered or seems to be lost in transit, please contact us.
    • International orders – The arrival time for these kits vary and will be longer than 10 days. Please check your DHL tracking information. If the kit is marked delivered or seems to be lost in transit, please contact us.  
  • You received a kit that is damaged or has one or both vials missing.
  • Once you have received your kit, it becomes damaged or one or both vials are lost before you are able to return your samples.

To contact us, please click here to request customer service.


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