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Understanding the Admin - Family Finder™ Group Report


This tool allows you to quickly compare the autosomal DNA of a project member to all other project members. The same shared centimorgan thresholds used throughout the autosomal matching database apply, however, this tool does not include project members’ matches who are not also in the project.

Filters help administrators make connections between members regardless of which ancestral lines the members may have in common, while excluding matches who have not joined the project.


With this tool, you have the option to compare a single project member to the entire project, or two project members to each other. It has the added benefit of combining features from the Chromosome Browser such as specific segment data. This means you can identify clusters of autosomal matches within the project  who descend from a common ancestor regardless of whether they are connected along direct paternal or maternal ancestral lines.

Arrakis proiject final.png

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