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Understanding the Admin - Family Finder™ Group Matrix


This tool allows you to quickly compare the autosomal DNA of specific project members. There are no minimum thresholds for the number of shared centimorgans between group members, which means you will be able to compare group members even if they do not appear in each other's match lists. In addition, there is no limit to the number of project members that can be compared at a single time. This allows you to tailor the group size to be as narrow as you like, or broad as your screen or device will allow.


Similar to the Family Finder Group Project Report tool, this tool can help administrators make connections between members regardless of which ancestral lines the members may share in common. This means you can identify clusters with autosomal matches within the project, as well as confirm theories about how a particular project member connects to a known group of autosomal matches.


Depending on your research goals, you have three separate options for the comparison matrix: Total CentiMorgans (cM), Shared Segments, and Relationship Range. 

doctor project final.png

With these options, you can see if a match connects on a particular chromosome, if they fall within a genealogical relationship range, or compare the overall amount of DNA regardless of range. However, if the selected members do not have any autosomal DNA in common, either a “0” or a “-” will be displayed for the respective filter.

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