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Y-DNA Haplotree & SNPs

Understanding Haplotree & SNPs

Your Haplogroup

Once you have received your Y-DNA results, your confirmed or predicted haplogroup is displayed in the upper-left corner of this page. 

Your Home Branch

Your Home Branch is the branch of the Haplotree to which you belong.

To view your Home Branch, click the Home Branch link located in the upper-left corner of the page, right above the Order SNP column. 


Color-Coded Results

color code.png 

At the top of the page, the color-coded results key is displayed.  These color codes are displayed for your haplogroup branches and for the variants of each branch.

The meanings of the results key are as follows:

  • Tested Positive - You have tested positive for the primary SNP or variant.
  • Tested Negative - You have tested negative for the primary SNP or variant.
  • Downstream - You have not tested for the primary SNP or variant, and FamilyTreeDNA cannot accurately presume if you are positive or negative for the primary SNP or variant.
  • Presumed Positive - You are presumed positive for the primary SNP or variant. A person is predicted positive for SNPs that are above stream of a positively tested SNP.
  • Presumed Negative - You are presumed negative for the primary SNP or variant. A person is presumed negative for sibling branches of SNPs for which you have tested positive. 

Branch Column

The Branch column displays all of the branches in your haplogroup.

Variants Column

The Variants column displays the primary SNP and the mutations that have been validated and named for their respective branch on the haplotree. Note that the primary SNP is the first variant listed for the branch.


In the Variants column example image above:

  • The first variant listed L758 is the primary SNP of the respective branch.
  • The blue number listed to the right is the total number of variants for the respective branch. In the example image above, 40 is the total number of variants.
  • To view all of the variants for a branch, click the menu button (hamburger.png) located at the far right of the column.  

SNP Results 

To access your SNP Results, click the blue SNP Results button located in the upper-left corner of the page (to the right of the View by field). 

Note: You will only have SNP Results and see the SNP Results button if you have taken individual SNP tests, a SNP Pack test, or the Big Y test.  


The SNP Results window contains the following columns:

  • SNP Name - Name of the SNP for which you tested.
  • Test Results - Displays whether you tested Positive (+) or Negative (-) for the SNP.
  • Test Type - Displays the test you took for which the SNP was tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if my Y-DNA Haplogroup is Confirmed or Predicted?

To determine if your Y-DNA haplogroup is confirmed or predicted, look at the top of your Y-DNA - Haplotree page (where your haplogroup is listed). You will see one of the following:

Confirmed Haplogroup is "haplogroup name" OR Predicted Haplogroup is "haplogroup name."  

What does a Predicted Haplogroup mean?

Your Y-DNA haplogroup is predicted if you have not taken any Y-DNA SNP tests or the Big Y test.

A predicted haplogroup is the haplogroup which most closely resembles your haplotype (comprised of the first 12 STRs tested).

What does a Confirmed Haplogroup mean?

A confirmed haplogroup means that your Y-DNA haplogroup has been confirmed through SNP or Big Y testing.

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