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SNP Assurance Program (Backbone SNP Test)

Here at FamilyTreeDNA, we want to provide our customers with the highest level of Y-DNA haplogroup confidence, so we created our SNP Assurance Program (which began with test batch 173). With the SNP Assurance Program, if we cannot predict your Y-DNA haplogroup with 100% confidence, we will test your sample for FREE with our Backbone SNP test in order to identify your haplogroup assignment.

What is the Backbone SNP test?

With our Backbone SNP test, we analyze a panel of SNPs to determine your placement on the haplogroup tree. The positive value for the SNP that determines your haplogroup assignment is reported on your Y-DNA - Haplotree & SNPs page. The following depth of haplogroup prediction or confirmation is guaranteed for all Y-DNA tests.

SNP Name


Position (hg38)

FamilyTreeDNA Haplogroup
L1088 ChrY:3019238 A-L1088
V148 rs181335666 ChrY:6920150 A-V148
M31 rs369315948 ChrY:19577868 A-M31
L419 rs111762602 ChrY:13092973 A-L419
M42 rs2032630 ChrY:19704954 BT-M42
SRY10831 rs2534636 ChrY:2789135 BT-M42
M181 rs2032599 ChrY:12739620 B-M181
M168 rs2032595 ChrY:12702062 CT-M168
M130 rs35284970 ChrY:2866813 C-M216
M217 rs2032668 ChrY:13325453 C-M217
M174 rs2032602 ChrY:12842354 D-M174
M96 rs9306841 ChrY:19617112 E-M96
M2 rs9785941 ChrY:11975871 E-M2
M35 rs375228668 ChrY:19579817 E-M35
M89 rs2032652 ChrY:19755427 F-M89
M201 rs2032636 ChrY:12915617 G-M201
M69 rs2032673 ChrY:19732172 H-M69
M170 rs2032597 ChrY:12735858 I-M170
M253 rs9341296 ChrY:12910796 I-M253
P37 rs199865681 ChrY:12379881 I-P37 D-M64
M223 rs367573274 ChrY:19555421 I-M223
M304 rs13447352 ChrY:20587967 J-M304
M267 rs9341313 ChrY:20579932 J-M267
M172 rs2032604 ChrY:12857709 J-M172
M9 rs3900 ChrY:19568371 K-M9
M20 rs3911 ChrY:19571568 L-M20
M106 rs2032611 ChrY:19704538 M-M5
M214 rs2032674 ChrY:13360045 NO-M214
M231 rs9341278 ChrY:13357844 N-M231
M175 rs2032678 ChrY:13396826 O-M175
M45 rs2032631 ChrY:19705901 P-M45
M242 rs8179021 ChrY:12906671 Q-M242
M3 rs3894 ChrY:16984483 Q-M3
M207 rs2032658 ChrY:13470103 R-M207
M173 rs2032624 ChrY:12914512 R-M173
M198 rs2020857 ChrY:12918840 R-M198
M343 rs9786184 ChrY:3019783 R-M343
M269 rs9786153 ChrY:20577481 R-M269
M124 rs372706460 ChrY:19602615 R-M124
M230 rs13447374 ChrY:13369492 S-M230
M70 rs2032672 ChrY:19731995 T-M70

I tested before you implemented the SNP Assurance Program. My haplogroup is not predicted. Will you confirm my haplogroup? 

If you tested before we implemented the SNP Assurance Program and your Y-DNA - Haplotree & SNPs page shows your haplogroup as unpredicted, then we will run the Backbone SNP test for you.   Please use our contact form to submit a request for customer service.

How long does the Backbone SNP test take?

The Backbone SNP test takes 6–8 weeks from the time it is ordered.

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