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The Basics of Selecting a Test

Deciding on the right test depends on what genealogical information you are wanting to explore and which genetic sex you are.  

The following are only brief descriptions of each test.  

Family Finder™ (autosomal DNA test)

mtFull Sequence (mtDNA Test)

  • Can be taken by both genetic females and males. 
  • Traces your direct maternal line. 
  • Matches you with mtDNA relatives in our database. 
  • Provides you with your mtDNA haplogroup and the migration path of your maternal line ancestors. 
  • Shows your placement on the world’s largest mtDNA haplotree. 
  • Click here to see everything you get with the mtFull Sequence test. 

Y-DNA Tests

  • Can only be taken by genetic males. Learn more 
  • Traces your direct paternal line. 
  • Matches you with Y-DNA relatives in our database. 
  • We offer three Y-DNA tests.

Big Y-700 

  • Tests 700 STR markers.
  • Includes SNP matches. With SNP matching, you can compare where you and other families fit on the family tree of mankind.
  • Sequences 600K+ known SNPs on the Y chromosome to help you identify your family’s unique Y-chromosome mutations.
  • Provides a confirmed Y-DNA haplogroup. 
  • Updates over time as more evidence is available.


  • Tests 111 STR markers.
  • Compares 111 STR markers between you and your matches.
  • Provides a predicted Y-DNA haplogroup.


  • Tests 37 STR markers.
  • Compares 37 STR markers between you and your matches.
  • Provides a predicted Y-DNA haplogroup. 

Click here to learn more about what you get with the different Y-DNA tests.

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