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DNA Processing Consent Form

The DNA Processing Consent Form is included in the FamilyTreeDNA sample collection kit (also attached at the bottom of this article). This form must be signed by the donor (tester) or parent/guardian of the donor for FamilyTreeDNA to process the DNA sample.

Important: If you decline to give consent to the DNA Processing Consent, you will not be able to have your DNA data processed and therefore will not be able to receive your DNA test results.

By signing the consent form, you consent to FamilyTreeDNA’s processing of your DNA data and other sensitive information (such as your ethnicity, national origin, and health history) to:

  • Convert your physical sample into DNA data.
  • Use your DNA data to provide you reports about your ancestral origins in the form of an ethnicity estimate, geographic sub-region details, and migrations as well as personal insights related to your ethnicity, places of origin, ancestors, individual traits, and characteristics.
  • Invite you to participate in optional surveys and questionnaires through which we may gather more personal information for additional insights.
  • Identify your potential relatives in our DNA database by comparing your DNA data to other FamilyTreeDNA user’s DNA data.
  • Use your DNA data, family tree details, and other personal info to help you discover other details about your family history, including ancestors you may share with other FamilyTreeDNA members. This information can help you build your family tree and help you trace the migration path of your ancestors.
  • Provide consistent quality and improve FamilyTreeDNA product features and services.
  • Help create new product features and services, including products related to wellness and health.

Note: The donor’s date of birth is required on this form for legal purposes and will not be shared publicly. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you must have a parent or guardian sign this form.


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