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DNA Processing Consent Form

The DNA Processing Consent Form is a digital form** to be completed online as part of the new kit onboarding process. Customers should sign into their new kit and complete this process before mailing their kit back to FamilyTreeDNA. This form must be signed by the donor (tester) or parent/guardian of the donor for FamilyTreeDNA to process the DNA sample.

Important: If you decline to give consent to the DNA Processing Consent, you will not be able to have your DNA data processed and therefore will not be able to receive your DNA test results.

By signing the consent form, you consent to FamilyTreeDNA’s processing of your DNA data and other sensitive information (such as your ethnicity, national origin, and health history.) The consent form contains the following agreements:

  • I hereby grant FamilyTreeDNA my explicit consent to collect and process my DNA data and other sensitive Personal Information (including, but not limited to, details concerning my ethnicity, national origin, or health history).
  • I understand that FamilyTreeDNA will transform my physical DNA sample into digital DNA data, which will be utilized to generate comprehensive reports detailing my ancestral heritage. These reports will be tailored in accordance with the specific test(s) I have selected, encompassing diverse insights such as ethnicity estimates, detailed geographic origins, migratory patterns, and personalized reflections pertaining to my ethnicity, origins, forebears, distinct traits, and attributes.
  • I understand that FamilyTreeDNA will store any unused portion of my DNA sample in their CLIA-certified facility. We may contact you if a re-analysis of your sample becomes necessary. If you wish to have your sample destroyed after it is processed, please contact Customer Support.
  • I am aware that FamilyTreeDNA may extend invitations for voluntary participation in optional surveys and questionnaires aimed at gathering supplementary Personal Information to enhance the depth of insights.
  • FamilyTreeDNA may utilize my DNA data to identify potential relatives within the DNA database. This process involves a comparative analysis of my genetic information with that of other FamilyTreeDNA users who have undergone similar testing.
  • I acknowledge that FamilyTreeDNA may use my DNA data in conjunction with details from my family tree and other relevant Personal Information to facilitate the exploration of additional ancestral information. This may include shared ancestors among fellow FamilyTreeDNA members. The insights acquired can significantly contribute to constructing a comprehensive family tree, tracing the construction of a comprehensive family tree, and tracing ancestral migration paths.
  • I acknowledge FamilyTreeDNA's commitment to maintaining consistent quality standards and continuously enhancing its product features and services.
  • I authorize the potential use of my DNA data by FamilyTreeDNA in the development of new product features and services, potentially extending to wellness and health-related domains.

By providing my consent, I confirm that I have read this notice and I understand how my DNA data and other sensitive information are collected and processed as described in this notice, the Terms of Service, and the Privacy Statement.

Note: The donor’s date of birth is required on this form for legal purposes and will not be shared publicly. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you must have a parent or guardian sign this form.


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