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Linking and Unlinking Matches

Linking Matches  

When you link a match to your family tree:

  • The person's profile image indicates which FamilyTreeDNA test(s) they have completed.
  • The person's profile card displays their mtDNA haplogroup and/or Y-DNA haplogroup if they have taken an mtDNA and/or Y-DNA test.
  • The person's profile card displays their Shared Origins if they have taken the Family Finder™ test and have opted in to Origins Sharing.
  • If the match's relation to you is in the range of parent to 3rd cousin and you both have taken the Family Finder test, the Family Finder - Family Matching feature is activated. Click here to learn more about the Family Matching feature. 

How to Link Matches

To link a match:

    1. In the upper-left corner of your family tree, click Link Matches. The Link Matches to Your Tree menu is displayed.
    2. Search or scroll for the person that you want to link to your tree.
    3. Click and drag the selected match to the person with whom they have a direct relationship (you, your mother or father, sibling, etc.).
    4. On the Link/Add Relationship window, select the relationship of the match you are linking. Once the match is successfully linked, the person’s profile image will indicate which FamilyTreeDNA test(s) they have completed.

How to Unlink Matches

To unlink a match:

      1. Click on the person you wish to unlink. The action menu is displayed.
      2. On the action menu, click Unlink Match. You are prompted that you are unlinking that person.
      3. Click Unlink. The person and their information are unlinked from your tree. 

Why can't I link my relative to my tree?

You can only link your genetic matches from the tests that you have taken to your tree. If your relative took another type of test, then they are not in your matches list and cannot be linked.


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