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Using the Admin - Member Information Report

The Member Information report displays the project’s members with their kit number, email address, and other kit information.

Accessing the Member Information Report

To access this page:

  1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
  2. On the navigation bar, hover your cursor over Reports > Member Reports, and click Member Information on the drop-down menu.


    In the lower section of your GAP dashboard, in the Member Reports section, click Member Information.
    You are directed to the Member Information page.

Controls and Columns

The Member Information page contains the following controls:

  • Show Advanced Filter – Click to display the following fields:
    • Kit Number – Allows you to filter/search the table by kit number.
    • Name – Allows you to filter/search the table by member name.
    • Email – Allows you to filter/search the table by email address.
    • Note – Allows you to filter/search the table by notes.
    • Release – Allows you to filter the table by whether or not project members signed the personal consent form. Select Yes to filter/search project members who did sign the personal consent form. Select No to filter/search project members who did not sign the personal consent form.
  • Export Spreadsheet – Click to export the Member Information table to a spreadsheet.

The Member Information page contains the following columns:

  • Kit Number – Project member’s kit number that was assigned with their first order. You may click on the kit number to view their results if they have set their Account Settings Project Preferences Group Administrator Access level to either Limited or Advanced.
  • Name – Name of the project member provided on the project member’s FamilyTreeDNA account Contact Information tab.
  • Email – Email address(es) provided on the project member’s Contact Information tab.
  • Note – Information added by Project Administrator or Project Co-administrator. Notes can be created, edited, and deleted by clicking on the notepad icon. Notes can also be created, edited, and deleted on the Member Notes page.
  • Release – Displays whether or not the project member has opted into the matching database. Project members may change this permission at any time.
  • Kit Back – Displays the date on which the FamilyTreeDNA Lab received the kit’s test sample. If the kit is an autosomal transfer that only has transferred results, N/A is displayed for the kit.
  • Last Sign In – Displays the last date the project member signed into their kit.
  • Access Granted  – Displays the level of access granted to the administrator.
  • Publicly Share DNA Results – Displays whether or not the project member allows their pseudonymized DNA results to be shown on the Group Project DNA Results pages publicly. This information will always be shown to signed-in project members if you have selected to display mtDNA or Y-DNA DNA results pages on the Public Website page in GAP.
  • Remove From Group – You can remove a project member from the project by clicking on the trash can icon. You will need to provide a reason for removing the project member from the project and confirm your decision.

Each column may be sorted in ascending or descending order. To sort in ascending order (A->Z or 1->10), click on the column name once. To sort in descending order (Z->A or 10->1), click on the column name twice.

Removing a Member from Your Project

To remove a project member:

  1. On the Remove From Group column, click the trash can item located in the same row as the person that you want to remove from your group. The Remove user field is displayed.
  2. In the Remove user field, enter a brief reason for why you want to remove this person from your group.
  3. Click Remove User to remove the person from your group, or click Cancel to not remove the person.

An email will be sent from to the individual.



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