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Using the Admin - Member Distribution Map

This report displays a visual representation of your project members' earliest known direct maternal or paternal ancestors as provided by members on their FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings Earliest Known Ancestors tab. If the project member has not entered this information, they will not appear on this map.

Accessing the Member Distribution Map Page

To access this page:

  1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
  2. On the navigation bar, hover your cursor over Reports > Member Reports, and click Member Distribution Map on the drop-down menu.


    In the lower section of your GAP dashboard, in the Member Reports section, click Member Distribution Map.
    You are directed to the Member Distribution Map page.

Controls and Columns

You may either view all project members or select one of the subgroups that you have created in the Member Subgrouping tool.

The Member Distribution Map contains the following filter controls and tools:

  • Type - Select mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) for maternal ancestry or Y-DNA (Y-chromosome DNA) for paternal ancestry. 
  • Group - You may select all group members or a particular subgroup that you have created in the Member Subgrouping tool. 
  • Map - This is the default view of the map that includes geographic information such as country, state, and province borders. All geographic information is provided by Google Maps.
    • Terrain - When you hover your mouse over the Map option in the top-left corner of the map click this check box to display terrain information as well as geopolitical information. 
  • Satellite - Click this option to select a satellite Image of the world provided by Google Earth.
    • Labels - When you hover your mouse over the Map option in the top-left corner of the map click this check box to remove geo-political information. 
  • Show Match List - Click this button to display a sidebar menu containing a list of all group members in the subgroup you have selected. Click any name on this list to focus on their push pin on the map.
    • Hide Match List - Click this button to minimize the match list sidebar. 
  • Maximize/Minimize - Click this button to make the map full-screen. Click again to resume the normal browser view. 
  • Person Icon - Click and drag this icon to any location on the map to view a Google Street view of that location. 
  • Plus Sign (+) and Minus Sign (-)- Click these buttons to zoom the map in and out. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Click this text to display a pop-up window containing helpful keyboard shortcuts to navigate the map. Click the X button in the top right corner of the pop-up window to close it. 
  • Terms of Use - Click this to be taken to the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service

Member Information

The push pin colors on this map correspond to the haplogroup color key at the bottom of the map. Click on a push pin icon or name from the Match List to display a pop-up window with the following group member information:

  • Confirmed/Predicted Haplogroup - If the group member has taken an STR test (eg. Y-37 or Y-111) this will show a predicted haplogroup. If they have taken SNP testing of any sort this will show a confirmed haplogroup.
  • Subgroup This is the subgroup the member has been placed in the Member Subgrouping tool. 
  • Kit – Project member’s kit number that was assigned with their first order.
  • Name – Name of the project member provided on the project member’s FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings Contact Information tab.
  • Earliest Known Ancestor – Earliest known direct maternal (mtDNA) or paternal (Y-DNA) ancestor as provided on the member’s Earliest Known Ancestors tab.
  • Marker Location The Paternal Ancestral Location information the member has provided in their Earliest Known Ancestors tab.
  • Lat, Lng – The latitude and longitude of the Marker Location.


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