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Investigative Genetic Genealogy Matching (IGGM) Introduction

You have the option to participate in Investigative Genetic Genealogy Matching to assist
organizations and genealogists working on behalf of law Law enforcement Enforcement
agencies in solving cases involving violent crime. Please refer to our Law Enforcement Guide for more information.

Matching Parameters:

If you choose to participate in IGGM, your information will be included in the matches list of an
IGGM user account only if all the following criteria are met:

i. You have opted- in to Matching;
ii. You have opted- in to Investigative Genetic Genealogy Matching; and
iii. You and the Genetic Results uploaded to a Law Enforcement Account result in a Match.


Information Shared:

By opting in to IGGM, an IGG user managing an account that is a DNA connection can view certain elements of your Personal Information, including de-identified SNP profiles, your DNA relationship, and public profile information.

If an Investigative Genetic Genealogy user account meets the above requirements, the information accessible to them will be identical to the information you’ve made accessible to your other matches. For more information, please see Information that is Shared with Matches.

Note: Participation in IGGM is entirely voluntary, and your decision will be fully respected. We
prioritize your privacy, and your consent is of utmost importance to us. Whether you are opted in or opted out of IGGM, you will never see a registered Investigative Genetic Genealogy kit in your matches list. For additional information about the rules and regulations for IGGM, please refer to our Law Enforcement Guide.


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