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Y-STR Results Introduction

Y-STR Results shows the results of standard Y-DNA short tandem repeat (STR) tests. These Y-STR tests are grouped into distinct panels of up to 12 STR markers. The Y-STR Results page lists your numeric values for the level(s) of testing for which you have results. These marker values are grouped by panel.

Accessing Y-STR Results 

You can access Y-STR Results from your dashboard or from your navigation bar.

To access from your dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your kit.
  2. On your dashboard, locate the Y-DNA Results & Tools widget.
  3. On the Y-DNA Results & Tools widget, click the See More button, and select Y-STR Results Mutations from the list menu.

To access from your navigation bar:

  1. Sign in to your kit.
  2. On the navigation bar at the top of the page, go to Results & Tools > Y-DNA > Y-STR Results.

Y-STR Results Overview


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