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Big Y - Matching (Matches) Guide

Note: The option to download your matches list and segment data is currently unavailable as we work on enhancements. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

The Matching tab displays your Big Y terminal SNP matches. Your terminal SNP determines the terminal (final) subbranch (on the Y-DNA Haplotree) to which you belong.

A person is considered a match if they have 30 or fewer differences in SNPs with you.


The Matching tab contains the following columns.

BY matches.png

Note: You can use the sort arrow located at the upper-right corner of each column to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Match Name  

This column displays the names of your matches.

You can perform the following tasks in this column:

  • Search - To search for a specific match, at the top of the column, enter their name or partial name in the Name Search box.
  • Match Profile - To display a profile of your match, click on their name. The Profile window is displayed. The Profile window displays a brief profile of your match.
  • Email – If you have an installed email client (e.g., Outlook), to email your match, click on the envelope icon displayed next to your match.
  • Note - To add a note about your match, click on the note icon displayed next to your match. The Notes dialog box is displayed.
    • Once a note is added, the note icon is green.
      • To view a note, click on the green note icon.
      • To edit a note, click on the green note icon, and click on the text of the note. The dialog box is expanded, and you can edit or remove the text in the note.

Non-Matching Variants

This column displays the known variants (SNPs) within your subclade that you and the specified match do not share. When you and a match do not have any non-matching variants (in other words you and the match share all known variants within your subclade), no SNP names will be listed for that match. 

To display your matches that do not share a specific known variant (SNP), enter the name or partial name of the known variant in the SNP Name Search box at the top of the column.

Match Date

This column displays the date you and the specific match were matched.

To filter matches by match date, enter the date or partial date in the Match Date Search box at the top of the column.


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