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Big Y - Chromosome Browsing Tool


The Y-Chromosome Browsing Tool is available on the Big Y Results - Named Variants and Private Variants tabs. This tool enables you to view each SNP or Position and its corresponding reads. 

How to Use the Y-Chromosome Browsing Tool 

To use the chromosome browsing tool: 

  1. At the top of the Big Y Results page, click on the Named Variants or Private Variants tab. 
  2. On the chromosome browsing tool, click on the SNP or Position you want to view. The Y-Chromosome Browsing Tool opens in a new window displaying the location of the SNP.
    • You will be able to see the number of positive or negative calls for that specific SNP or Position
    • Pink indicates that a mutation, or derived value, was found for the SNP or Position versus the ancestral value found in the reference model.* 
    • Blue rows indicate that the read was on a forward strand of the helix and green rows indicate it was on a reverse strand of the helix.
      • The more intense the shade of blue or green the higher the confidence of the read.
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