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Add-ons & Upgrades

After you have purchased a test from FamilyTreeDNA, you have the option to order additional testing through your account. These additional tests fall under two broad categories: Add-ons & Upgrades.


Add-ons are tests that you have not taken yet. Depending on which tests you have taken, the following are possible add-on tests that could be listed on your Add ons & Upgrades page:

DNA Transfer Options

Autosomal Transfers - If you or a family member have previously tested your autosomal DNA AncestryDNA™ or MyHeritage™, you can transfer your results to FamilyTreeDNA by uploading your raw data file. To learn more about these options, see our Autosomal DNA Transfers Guide.

Note: Until further notice, FamilyTreeDNA is not accepting 23andMe© autosomal transfers.


If you tested at a lower level test, e.g., Y-25, Upgrades are higher-level tests that are offered to customers who have tested at a lower level test. For example, if you ordered a Y-37 test, you will have the option to upgrade to a Y-67, Y-111, or Big Y-700 test. The same is true for mtDNA and mtDNA Plus test takers to upgrade to mtFull Sequence. The upgrades and their associated pricing will vary depending on the testing levels you have already purchased.

In addition, if you have taken a Big Y-700 test, your test raw data is available as an upgrade. This is due to the increased processing and server storage costs required to provide this large data file.

Upgrade Prices

The following table lists the upgrade options and corresponding prices:

Upgrade  Price 
Y-12 to Y-37 $79
Y-12 to Y-67 $149
Y-12 to Y-111 $199
Y-25 to Y-37 $49
Y-25 to Y-67 $119
Y-25 to Y-111 $189
Y-37 to Y-67 $89
Y-37 to Y-111 $139
Y-67 to Y-111 $89
Y-12 to Big Y-700* $399
Y-25 to Big Y-700* $389
Y-37 to Big Y-700* $339
Y-67 to Big Y-700* $279
Y-111 to Big Y-700* $239
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700*  $209
mtDNA to mtFull Sequence  $119
mtPlus to mtFull Sequence  $119

*Does not include the Big Y BAM file product.

No Need to Retest for Upgrades or Add-ons

Normally, you will not need to swab again if you purchase an add-on or upgrade. However, on rare occasions, we might need to obtain a new sample from you.

Purchasing Upgrades or Add-ons as a Gift

If the person you wish to purchase an upgrade or an add-on has an existing kit, you will need to sign in directly to their kit.* If the person does not already have a kit with FamilyTreeDNA, you will need to place a new order.

*If you accidentally place a "new" order for someone who already has an existing kit, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can fix the order.

Group Project Administrators

To order for a project member, you must be assigned Advanced Access to purchase directly from the member's kit. If you do not have Advanced Access, you must forward us permission from the tester. The permission statement must be an email from the tester, and the email must be from the primary email address listed on the tester's account. 


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