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Beneficiary Information Tab

The Beneficiary Information tab is where you can enter and update the information of your kit's beneficiary. The beneficiary is the person who will be granted control of your FamilyTreeDNA account, your DNA test results, and any stored DNA sample in the event of your death. After they contact us, they will gain complete control of the kit and will be authorized to order additional tests with any DNA that might remain in stock.

Adding Beneficiary Information

To add our beneficiary information:

  1. Access your Contact Information page.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Beneficiary Information tab. The Beneficiary Information tab is displayed.
  3. In the Name* field, enter your beneficiary's first and last name.
  4. In the Phone field, enter your beneficiary's phone number.
  5.  In the Email* field, enter your beneficiary's email address.
  6. Click Save

*If you want to assign a beneficiary, a name and email are required. 

Printing Beneficiary Form

Once you have saved your beneficiary's information, you can print a hardcopy form to include in your will or with your other legal documents. 

To do this, click the Printable Form link towards the top of the tab. Verify your information, print it, and have it notarized.

Note: The printable form uses the information on your Contact Information page. Make sure to review and update your contact information if needed before printing the form.

Disclaimer: The printable form is provided as a convenience. The form does not constitute legal advice. It may not be suitable in all states/countries. Please consult local legal advice.

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