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myOrigins Introduction

myOrigins is a feature of our Family Finder test. This feature provides you with a percentile breakdown of the populations to which your autosomal DNA is connected. We refer to this as your origins.

Accessing myOrigins

You can access myOrigins from your dashboard or from your navigation bar.

To access from your dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your kit.
  2. On your dashboard, locate the Autosomal DNA Results & Tools widget.
  3. On the
  4. Autosomal DNA Results & Tools 
  5. widget, click the myOrigins button.

To access from your navigation bar:

  1. Sign in to your kit.
  2. On the navigation bar at the top of the page, go to Results & Tools > Autosomal DNA > myOrigins.

myOrigins Quick Overview


  1. home.jpg - Click to go back to your dashboard. 
  2. download.jpg - Click to download your myOrigins version 2 results. (If you received your Family Finder results after September 22, 2020, you only have version 3 results.)
  3. help_button.jpg - Click to open the Help Center. 
  4. close_sidebar.jpg - Click to close the Origins sidebar. 
  5. Description - This section displays the information about each of your Population Clusters. 
  6. myOrigins tab - Displays the percentile breakdown of your origins. 
  7. Compare Origins tab - Allows you to compare your origins with your. 
  8. myOrigins Map - Displays color-coded sections of your Population Clusters. 
  9. zoom_in.jpg - Click to zoom in on the map. zoom_out.jpg - Click to zoom out. 


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