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Managing Your Family Tree

You have the ability to share, reset, delete, and manage your tree. 

Sharing Your Tree 

If you would like, you can choose to share your tree with your matches or with any FamilyTreeDNA user, or you can choose not to share your tree at all. 

Your Family Tree sharing preferences can be updated on your Privacy & Sharing Page.

Important: When sharing, living people born less than 100 years ago will not be displayed. You, as well as deceased individuals and individuals born more than 100 years ago, will be displayed.

To share your tree:

  1. In the upper-right corner of your Family Tree, click Share Tree.
  2. On the Share window, click Copy Link.
  3. Click Close. The link has been copied to your clipboard.
  4. Share the link with whom you like. Remember sharing ability depends on the sharing preference you have selected. 

Tree Management Page 

On the Tree Management page, you can:

  • Add/edit information about your tree.
  • Delete your tree.
  • View your linked matches.
  • Export, download, and upload a GEDCOM.

Accessing Your Tree Management Page 

To access your Tree Management page, click Tree Mgmt in the upper-right corner of your tree. 

Naming and Adding a Description to Your Tree 

In the Tree Information section of the Tree Management page, you can name your tree and enter a brief description of your tree. To add/edit information to the Tree Name and Tree Description fields, select the pen icon to the right of the corresponding field. 

Viewing a Summary of Your Relationships

On the Tree Management page, the Summary section lists the number of relationships, linked matches, surnames, photos, and notes you have on your tree. 

Viewing Linked Matches Summary

On the Tree Management page, the Linked Matches section displays the matches that you have linked on your tree. In this section you can:

        • View your linked match's profile by clicking their name.
        • Send them an email by clicking the envelope icon if you have Outlook or a similar application set up for emails.
        • Add a note about your linked match by clicking on the note icon. 

Deleting Your Tree 

On the Tree Management page, in the Delete Tree section, you can delete your family tree. When you choose to delete your tree,  all people, photos, notes, linked relationships, etc. in your tree are deleted permanently.

Warning: Once you delete your tree, it cannot be undone.

To delete your family tree, click the Delete Tree link in the Delete Tree section. When prompted, click the Delete button.


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