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Dashboard Introduction

The FamilyTreeDNA dashboard is your homepage and is where you can access all of your test results, tools, and other features that are important to you. You can also arrange the dashboard as you wish for easy access to your favorite features.

Accessing Your Dashboard 

When you sign in to your FamilyTreeDNA account, you are automatically directed to your dashboard. 

To access your dashboard from another FamilyTreeDNA page, click Home located in the upper-left corner of the page on the navigation bar. 

Dashboard Overview


Your dashboard contains the following: 

  1. Quick Access - You can add/remove quick links here. 
  2. Widgets - Each widget contains links to your results and tools for a specific topic, e.g., Autosomal DNA. 
  3. Customize Dashboard - Click to see the options for dashboard customization. 
  4. Your updates - This section contains links to information important to you. Some examples are company policy updates, surveys, payments owed, and replacement kits sent. 
  5. Group Projects - List links to all of the Group Projects to which you belong. Group Projects are an additional way to research genealogical and genetic connections and compare results.
  6. Badges - Displays your badges. You will receive haplogroup badges for Y-DNA and mtDNA results, and you might receive a badge if your results match a well-known genetic lineage.  .
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