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Family Tree Quick Overview


  1. Family View - Allows you to add and view all relatives including siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. in this view.
  2. Pedigree View - Allows you to add and view only your direct line of ancestors, i.e., your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. 
  3. Link Matches - Allows you to link matches to your family tree. See the Linking Matches topic for more information.
  4. Tree Mgmt - Allows you to add/edit a description of your tree, delete your tree, view linked matches, and export, download, and upload a GEDCOM. 
  5. Share Tree - Allows you to share your tree. 
  6. Help - Click to access the Help Center topics for the tree. 
  7. Search - Allows you to search relatives on your tree. 
  8. Tree Map - Displays a mini map of your tree. You can click on an area of the Tree Map to quickly navigate to that area on your actual tree.
  9. Details - Allows you to show or hide details on your tree. 
  10. Reset Tree View - Once you have selected to view a family member's tree branch, you can use this button to reset the tree view.
  11.  "+" - Allows you to zoom in on your tree. "-" - Allows you to zoom out. 



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